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Day 1 – 5th July, 2023

Developing Partnerships to Address Europe's Critical Lithium and EV Battery Raw Material Supply Gaps

08:50 Chair’s Opening Remarks 

09:00 Future Roadmaps: Exploring the Latest Vertical Integration, Partnership, and Project Financing Initiatives to Secure the Necessary Volumes of Lithium at a Competitive Price

Understand The Current Market Conditions, Critical Shortages, and Price Surges For Essential Raw Materials, Including Lithium, Graphite, Nickel, Cobalt, And Up-And-Coming Options Such As Manganese And Aluminium. 

This keynote panel will also examine the strategies of leading OEMs, regulators, and institutional investors to develop a resilient and cost-competitive lithium supply, and the current global initiatives to ensure sustainable sourcing. The Inflation Reduction Act in the United States has created a well-defined plan to incentivise the development of a lithium supply chain across the Atlantic. How can Europe keep pace with global developments, and what are the most recent initiatives to ensure a sustainable lithium supply? Additionally, the panel will discuss the European regulatory initiatives to keep pace with global developments and the potential solutions to ensure a secure and cost-effective lithium supply for Europe's energy transition.

09:00 – 09:25 A Review of Critical EV Battery Raw Material Shortages, Pricing, and the Current Market Situation in Europe

Battery commodity prices are rising, sending a strong signal to global mining companies to step up investments in new supply. In response, numerous new projects, including a nickel mine in Tanzania, a lithium project in Argentina, and several energy-efficient direct lithium extraction plants, are planned for 2025 and beyond. Indonesia will also bring more nickel supply online in the coming years.

Evaluating supply/demand imbalances and shortages for
      - Lithium, including lithium hydroxide
      - Cobalt
      - Nickel
      - Graphite
      - Key metals
      - New battery chemistries and materials

  • Considering how long year-on-year price increases of key EV battery raw materials will remain high for the key commodities, including lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite
  • Short-term solutions up to 2025
  • An evaluation of when new projects will come online for lithium, cobalt, and nickel
  • Outlook for supply capacity of lithium from China beyond 2025 including new mines due to open to increase capacity
  • How the latest battery chemistry trends and new technologies could alleviate capacity constraints
  • Current forecast based on available data for the short term up to 2025 and separately beyond 2025

Lakshya Gupta, Senior Market Analyst: Battery Materials and Technologies, SFA (Oxford)

09:25 A Review of Primary Lithium Supply, Potential Lithium Projects, Pricing, and the Current Market Situation in Europe

Thomas Chandler, Critical Metals Analyst, SFA (Oxford) 

09:50 Developing Partnerships And Vertical Integration Strategies To Enable A Sustainable, Cost-Effective Lithium Supply For European BEV Manufacturing

-  Assessing lithium availability in regard to technical performance requirements
-  Exploring strategies for vertical integration and how to manage supply chain risks
-  Evaluating the impact of the latest battery technologies and chemistries on raw material sourcing
-  Getting raw materials from a wider range of countries, both inside and outside of Europe
-  Strategic partnerships involve sharing resources with other businesses to take advantage of economies of scale
-  Learning how to make more localised sources of lithium materials
-  Looking at where battery material recovery is going in the future and how to get started

Andre Mandel, Vice President Communications, Rock Tech Lithium

10:15 - 10:25 Questions and Discussion

Greg Bogie, Commercial Director, Green Lithium

Andre Mandel, Vice President CommunicationsRock Tech Lithium

Thomas Chandler, Critical Metals Analyst, SFA (Oxford) 

Lakshya Gupta, Senior Market Analyst: Battery Materials and Technologies, SFA (Oxford)

10:25 - 10:55 Morning Coffee Break  


10:55 EU COMMISSION REGULATORY VIEWPOINT  Formulating Policy-Driven Solutions & Incentives To Build An Alternative Lithium Supply Chain For Europe To Compete With The US Inflation Reduction Act  

This session provides an overview of the European Commission's plans to incentivise the development of battery raw material sourcing solutions to compete with the US Inflation Reduction Act and globally. It outlines the potential tax subsidies, as well as timelines for implementation. Finally, it clarifies the future development of rules on the origin of every battery content.

Daniel Cios, Policy Officer, European Commission

11:20 UK PERSPECTIVE ON INCENTIVISING REGIONAL SUPPLY CHAIN DEVELOPMENT Vision & Plans for the UK to Incentivise The Development Of Battery Raw Material Sourcing Solutions To Compete Globally

This session will provide an opportunity to evaluate the potential economic impact of a UK-based lithium supply chain, and how this could benefit the UK's energy transition. It will also discuss the potential for regulatory alignment with the EU, to take advantage of the incentives for battery raw material sourcing proposed by the European Commission. Finally, it will identify potential risks and solutions for ensuring a secure and cost-effective lithium supply for the UK's energy transition.

Jeff Townsend, CEO & Founders, Critical Minerals Association

Olimpia Pilch, Critical Minerals Association

11:45 Curated Questions & Discussion  


11:55 VIEW ON THE REGIONALISATION OF LITHIUM MINING AND REFINING  Diversifying Lithium Mining & Refining Closer To Europe, Whilst Managing Risk 
This perspective talks through identifying alternatives and new technologies that can be implemented in Europe to reduce dependency on Asia and other regions, including from a sustainability perspective.

-  Understanding where the current supply is coming from
-  What is emerging into the market right now in terms of resources in Europe
-  Making a case for more diverse refining to guard against anything going wrong in one location and managing geopolitical risk

-  Cornish Lithium as a case study for development of previously considered ‘unconventional’ lithium resources

Lucy Crane, ESG & Sustainability Manager, Cornish Lithium

Enhancing Regional Resilience in Lithium Refining: Opportunities and Strategies for Europe
This panel session will discuss the challenges and opportunities for enhancing regional resilience in lithium refining in Europe. The panel will bring together experts from the industry to discuss:

-  The current state of lithium refining in Europe, including an overview of the resources, technologies, and players
-  The potential for new and emerging technologies in lithium refining, such as recycling and secondary sourcing
-  Strategies for mitigating risks and maximising opportunities in lithium refining in Europe, including dual sourcing and risk management
-  Case studies of successful lithium refining projects in Europe, highlighting best practices and lessons learned

Manuel de Sousa Martins, CEO, Aurora Lithium

12:45 Curated Questions & Discussion

Sean Thijsse, Director, The Pallinghurst Group

Lucy Crane, ESG & Sustainability Manager, Cornish Lithium

Manuel de Sousa Martins, CEOAurora Lithium

13:00 – 14:35 Networking Lunch 

Uncover The Latest Solutions For Addressing The Bottlenecks Of Graphite And Cathode Capacity

14:35 Securing a Sustainable Supply of Graphite for the European Electric Vehicle Industry – Where Is It Going To Come From?
Exploring solutions for  securing a sustainable graphite supply for the European Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. Graphite is a crucial component in producing EV batteries, serving as the anode, and most of it is currently manufactured in China. The session will focus on the commercial issues surrounding the production and supply of graphite, including cost, material availability and sustainability.

14:35 VIEW ON GRAPHITE EXPLORATION, DEVELOPMENT, PROCESSING AND REFINING  Investing In Securing A Sustainable Graphite Supply, At An Appropriate Price, For Electric Vehicle Production In Europe

-  Overview of the market situation for graphite, including supply chain, technical performances, and current production locations
-  Making a case for joint ventures and collaborations to invest in the exploration and development of new graphite deposits in regions closer to Europe – which regions hold the most promise? 
-  Processing and refining of graphite in Europe is challenging – building the necessary processing and refining capabilities versus entering into joint venture partnerships  
-  Valuation of the Supply Chain and Technical Performances of Graphite for Anode Production
-  Discussion of potential solutions for developing a reliable and sustainable supply of high-performing graphite for EV batteries in Europe, including the potential for localising the graphite production chain for European OEMs and insights from industry leaders

Hugues Jacquemin, CEO, Northern Graphite

15:00 Tanzania Ministry of Minerals Perspective GRAPHITE SUPPLY CHAIN PARTNERSHIPS AS A SOLUTION

Collaborating To Develop & Implement The Necessary Exploration, Mining, Processing, Refining & Infrastructure

-  Developing the capability to process and refine graphite
-  Investing in a supply chain management system for graphite
-  Government regulations and policies
-  Assessing environmental and social impacts

Abdul Mwanga, Commissioner, Tanzania Ministry of Minerals

15:25 Curated Questions & Discussion

15:35 Afternoon Networking Refreshment Break

This will explore the potential solutions for achieving self-sufficiency of the lithium supply chain
-  Increasing local production of raw materials
-  Developing technology-sharing agreements and joint ventures with other countries
-  Battery recycling and reuse
-  Exploring the latest battery technologies, including solid-state and silicon anodes, cell design, cell capacity and cell targets, and evaluating the potential impact on future sourcing

16:05 A Battery Manufacturer Perspective This will explore the potential solutions for      achieving self-sufficiency and regionalisation of the lithium supply chain in Europe from the perspective of a European battery manufacturer. It will also consider battery analytics and performance and new technology. 

Rahul Madhavan, Hitachi 

16:30 Questions & Discussion 

Paul Charles, Founder, American Battery Factory

Thomas Schaefer, VP Global Business Development, Lithium, Ecobat

Rahul Madhavan, Hitachi

16:40 Chair's Closing Remarks


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