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Lithium & EV Battery Raw Materials Supply Chain Congress Europe 2023

The Only OEM-Led EV Battery Supply Chain Initiative 

Continuing our successful series of automotive industry events, key stakeholders will convene in Germany this July 5-6 to discuss the availability and sustainability of lithium and other critical battery raw materials. First held in Detroit in November 2022, the event will provide a platform for the exploration of partnership possibilities and actual solutions to the challenges facing the industry.

With the advent of electric vehicles and the increasing demand for batteries, the European automotive industry faces a critical evolution. The industry is aware of the monumental changes occurring in the US with the Inflation Reduction Act (ITA), a major legislation providing a clear roadmap for more diversified battery raw material sourcing. The UK and Europe are now currently working on plans to ensure they can secure a steady supply of cost-competitive raw materials for EV batteries and to address the current shortages of key raw materials. The UK and Europe now need a strategy to compete globally.

Conference Focus

The focus of the conference is understanding what the roadmap looks like in terms of investing in next-generation infrastructure to enable Europe to be more self-sufficient. In terms of mining, refining, and recycling. We will also consider the interconnectivity of supply chains that depend on electrical components sourced from China and how the automotive refining, mining, battery technology, manufacturing, and financial investment communities can come together to achieve net zero.

The first day will be focused on ensuring availability at a cost-competitive price, not only focusing on lithium and the materials for the cathode but also exploring less discussed raw materials such as graphite, for which there is not a lot of production capacity in Europe at present.

The procurement of new battery raw materials needs to be green, carbon neutral, and recyclable so the second day focuses on sustainability and circularity.   We will be looking at the initial steps towards generating transparency in the supply chain with existing and new regionalised supply chains, to make sure there is a code of conduct being met and regulations are being followed. We will look at all sustainability aspects, including CO2 emissions, ESG, water usage, and reusability.

We will also delve into supply chain footprint assessment and the industry's ability to quantify environmental impacts. Furthermore, we will investigate more localised streams of critical materials and explore the costs associated with them.

We will be tackling key questions facing Europe today, such as where all the lithium is going to come from?  What does the financial and investment community need to see to invest in new projects to build more mining and refining capacity, and more regionalised supply chains?

How Can Emerging Battery Technologies Transform European Supply Chains to Improve Availability and Reduce Costs?

From alternative cathode materials to sodium ion, cobalt free and lithium metals….


B.E.V. Fuel Cell Hybrids

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Lithium Manganese Oxide

Solid State Batteries

New EV Battery Recovery Technologies

Sodium Ion

Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminium


Cobalt Free
Lithium Ion

Copper Graphite Anodes

Lithium Air &
Zinc Ion

We look forward to welcoming you to the inaugural, OEM-led, Lithium & E.V. Battery Raw Material Supply ChainEurope, 2023.


DAY 1: 

  • Creating A Roadmap for European OEMs and Battery Manufacturers to Source Adequate and Sustainable Supplies of Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, and Graphite at Economically Viable Prices
  • Examining Financing Options and Policy Incentives to Construct More Regionalised Supply Chains
  • Analysing Recent Battery Chemistry And Technology Innovations, To Support The Growth Of Electrification
  • Maximising The Value Of Critical Minerals Used By OEMs & Battery Manufacturers 

DAY 2:  

  • Sustainability Strategies And Managing The Environmental & Social Impacts Of Raw Material Sourcing
  • Generating Traceability & Transparency In The Supply Chain
  • Circularity & Recovery As A Sourcing Solution - Investing In The Infrastructure To Recover Raw Materials From End-Of-Life Batteries

DAY 2:  

  • Evaluate The Supply Chain Considerations Of The Most Promising Battery Technology Innovations To Optimise Pricing & Availability
  • Deep Dive Into The Status Of The Latest Battery Technology Innovations & The Impacts On Battery Raw Material Sourcing Including – Cobalt Free, Nickel Free, Solid State, Silicon Dominant Anodes & Fuel Cell Hydrids

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